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About us

Sober Guys Designated Driver Service Ltd

Sober Guys Designated Driver Service Ltd originated in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012 with two drivers and offers services in the Greater Vancouver area. Our services provide a professional two-person team to drive both you and your vehicle back to your place of residence (or any destination determined at time of booking). Our drivers are all fully trained, polite, licensed and insured by the local insurance authority. Our dispatchers are knowledgeable and can provide service in either English or Japanese. We also provide private Event services – contact us for details.
Our motto is: “Safe, Affordable, & Reliable”.

Coverage areas and fare schedule

All Bookings will Require a credit card. .

Greater Vancouver

Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, White Rock, Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Surrey and parts of Langley, Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

$55 Base rate includes first 10 km + 2.75/km (after first 10km) - out of district charge may apply
A $25 rescheduling fee may apply for changing your original pickup time
$55 Cancellation/ No Show fee will be charged with less than 3 hours notice
$2/minute wait period after 5 minute grace period
A credit card is required for all bookings

Why Sober Guys Designated Driver Service Ltd should be your first choice

We drive your vehicle, so you don’t have to

Sober Guys Designated Driver Service offers a convenient, affordable way to stay responsible while still enjoying your night out.

We are your Safe & Trustworthy alternative to Taxis, Ride share or Limos.

We operate 365 days a year to get you, your guest(s) & your vehicle home safely.
We do not refuse any customer because of the distance they are traveling as we feel all customers deserve to get home safely in the comfort of their own vehicle.

​ Ryan Clarkson

"I was pleasantly surprised that it went so smooth. I have never used a service like this so I expected a couple headaches. It was not the case as I called around 10pm on a Easter weekend Saturday and asked for pickup at 11:45. They were right on time and the driver was very nice. He took my directions instead of insisting on using his phone, which was nice. Cost was exactly the same price as the rates they show online. Will definitely use again as it was pretty close to the same price as a taxi. "

Max Rivest

"Amazing service for many reasons. Convenient, courteous and friendly. Not to mention it's cheaper than paying for two cabs to go there and back!! Don't need to hunt cabs down either! Drivers are smart and it's your own car so your going to be comfy in it. This is a no brainer �"


Q. What are the rates for your designated driver service?
The rates vary by market and are calculated according to km.
Please see our: Vancouver Fare Estimator
Q. Can you take passengers in the Sober Guys vehicle?
No, we can’t take any passengers in our vehicle no matter what. This is due to the fact that we are not a Taxi and due to insurance and liabilities.
Q. How many people can go with me in my vehicle?

Passengers are limited by the numbers of seat belts in your vehicle. Unfortunately, we are not able to take any passengers in our car due to insurance.

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Q. Can we make an additional stop? (i.e. convenience store or fast food)

Yes, generally we try to accommodate this. Just please keep in mind that we may turn down your additional stops (fast food or convenience store) depending on the time and circumstance. Also a waiting fee may be charged for these additional stops.

Q. What type of payment options are provided?

We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash.

Q. What if I have friends riding with me?

Our drivers will make as many stops that are need to drop off the passenger that are in your vehicle. Just remember that the total cost is based on how many KM we travel. In the case of multiple stops, please give our drivers/dispatch a heads up.

Q. Can I book my trip in advance?

Yes!! In fact we recommend it, as it will allow you to secure the exact pickup time you would like.

Q. What if I am having a event or party, can I pay for all my guests?

Yes, we offer a number of solutions to accommodate this type of situation.

Please feel free to discuss it with us.

Q. Can we get a monthly plan or corporate plan?

Just contact us and discuss it with us. We will find the best plan that will work for you.

Q. Can I request a specific driver for day or night time service?

Yes, based on driver’s schedule and availability.

D U I Laws - .05 / .08

British Columbia has some of the toughest drinking and driving laws in Canada with penalties beginning at .05 per cent BAC (blood-alcohol content). Even if you've had just a drink or two, you may be over the legal limit.

0.05 to 0.08 (a warning) - 1st Offence
• 3-day driving prohibition
• 3-day impoundment of vehicle
• Impound and towing fees about $150
• $200 penalty
• $250 license reinstatement fee
0.05 to 0.08 (a warning) - 2nd offense within 5 years
• 7-day driving prohibition
• 7-day impoundment of vehicle
• Impound and towing fees about $230
• $300 penalty
• $250 license reinstatement fee
0.05 to 0.08 (a warning) – 3rd offense, within 5 years
• 30-day driving prohibition
• 30-day impoundment of vehicle
• Impound and towing fees about $680
• $400 penalty
• $250 license reinstatement fee
• Responsible driver program (about $880)
• Ignition interlock program (about $1730)
Over 0.08 (a fail) or refuse to blow
• 90-day driving prohibition
• 30-day impoundment of vehicle
• Impound and towing fees about $700
• $500 penalty
• $250 license reinstatement fee
• Responsible driver program (about $880)
• Ignition interlock program (about $1730)
Sober Guys Designated Driver Service Ltd opened February 6th, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia with two drivers.
We are a locally owned and operated designated driver company, and have built up our clientele through courteous and professional service that has been spread by word of mouth.
Our Motto "Safe, Affordable & Reliable" is something we stand behind 100%.
Getting you and your vehicle home safely is our main priority, and that is why the majority of our drivers have at least 20 years of driving experience.
We are privileged to pick up clients throughout metro Vancouver as well as service out of area clients beyond Abbotsford and Squamish.
If we can help at least one person get home safely every night, then we feel like we have made a difference.
Our motto is: “Safe, Affordable, & Reliable”.


Tailored Driving

We will supply you with one of our professionally trained drivers who will drive you around in the comfort of your own vehicle.

• Cheaper than hiring a car service
• 3 hour advance booking required
• Driver can be dressed according to your request (i.e.- Casual, Business casual, etc)
• Can request a specific driver
• Can be combined with some of our other services (Monthly & Corporate)
• Hourly or Daily Rates

Tailored Driving Rates

• Base Rate: $45/Hr +GST (3 Hr minimum required)
• After 3 Hr minimum then $22.50+ GST/30 minutes or portion
• Corporate and Monthly rates are available.

Special Events Services

• Allows for priority booking
• Advance booking required
• Hold a car(s) and drivers
• Allows you to book 1 or more cars at one time
• Allows host to display our promotional items
• Allows clients to leave whenever they decide
• Allows for shorter wait times
• Allows clients a secure window to leave during the event
• Cost can be invoiced
Special Event Service rates

• Hold a car(s) & drivers for the all or a portion of your event (Not Required but Recommended)
• $50/Hr + GST & the cost of each individual trip
• Gift Cards available
• Special Packages are available
Corporate Plans

Contact us for a customized quote

We are proud to offer monthly plans or monthly accounts on all of our services

All Monthly rates are prepared on a per customer basis.

For all scheduled bookings a cancellation fee will be charged

Discounts cannot be combined